how does it work ?

Battle Hill uses state of the art guns and sensors on head bands which vibrate when hit. How much damage this does to you depends on the game you are playing. It’s all wireless and all the guns are made of heavy duty, light weight, weapons grade plastic. All the data is sent back to base, so you can see a breakdown of your session at the end of the game.

does it hurt like paintball ?

No. Lasers are used instead of paintballs, so no PJ and Duncan moments of pain. (Early 90’s Ant & Dec reference. Look it up kids.)

is it suitable for children ?

Absolutely. As long as they are at least 6 years old. It’s on a hill, as the name suggests, so bring suitable footwear.

is it fun for adults ?

Indeed! This is Call of Duty in the woods. Stag Do’s, Hen Do’s, Corporate and Team Building days, or just unleashing your inner Rambo. Come and try some warfare in a safe yet challenging environment.

Can I get food and drink there ?

Yes. Hot dogs to curries. Coffee or a pint. It’s all available on site.