About Us

Ultimate Laser Tag

Real Experience

The dense woodland terrain of Matson Wood and its natural beauty offers 4 epic gaming zones to test the competitor’s combat skills, teamwork and stamina. Each zone has been selected to provide a different dynamic from the last, and with the ability to join together to make one colossal combat arena.

Latest Technology

Battle-Hill is the first outdoor laser tag facility in the UK to be equipped with the latest guns and equipment from market leaders Action Tag. The totally wireless system offers a vast amount of game scenarios, due to state of the art, advanced programming, providing a new experience to even the most loyal die-hard laser tag fans.


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Laser Tag vs Paintball

We get asked all the time what the difference is between laser tag & paintball.

Here is our quick guide!

No pain, no bruises and no mess. It’s much better for the environment.
Painful, messy and greater risk of injury.
Laser tag can be enjoyed by a wider market than paintball, because there is no physical contact or pain.
Anyone from 6-67 will be interested in playing. Ladies will enjoy too.
Paintball and Air soft have a very loyal following.
Guns’  range outstrips paintball markers or air soft guns. Guns have an integrated red dot scope.
Short range firing. Thus combat area need to be smaller.
Playing field can be stretch from the beach to the forest. No protective netting required.
Playing field usually small as area needs to be surrounded with protective netting.
No protective gear required and thus more comfortable.
Protective gear like masks and body protectors mandatory.
No pellets to purchase. Guns can be reload as and when required.
More expensive as pellets are used and need to pay extra when pellets run out.
Medic Box to extend “life” of gamer. Also can be used as part of the warfare strategy.
No such thing as Medic Box.
Ammo Box for gun reload. Also can be used as part of the warfare strategy.
No such thing as Ammo Box.